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Changing the Face of CAD

Kubotek USA delivers software products that inspire innovation. Our products serve design, engineering and manufacturing professionals across the CAD/CAM community. We work hard to develop products that enable our customers to quickly create ideas, generate designs, collaborate with teams and manufacture high quality goods. Our approach is different. At Kubotek, we believe the customer’s business needs come first. Our geometry-based solutions are designed to drive business success one customer at a time. Industry experts have publicly recognized Kubotek innovation time and again as a fresh approach to design.

Gain Business Advantage
Our customers tell us that they depend on Kubotek products to meet today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive business climate. That’s a tall order. Yet, customers claim that Kubotek products give them the confidence they need to take on any project, from any customer. The ability to respond quickly with value-added ideas, coupled with competitive pricing structures, provides the edge to win and deliver projects on time and under budget. Kubotek helps position our customers as leaders in their business segments.

Squeeze Time
As time becomes the most critical business success factor, increased flexibility to get the job done and unprecedented speed to delivery are what customers have come to expect from Kubotek products. Our customers delight in the power to overachieve. When companies leave their competition in the dust, look for Kubotek products as the backbone to their success. Our unique Real Geometry approach is our signature weapon for putting the squeeze on time.

Exchange Any CAD Information
Kubotek customers demand immediate access to multiple CAD data formats because their business is driven by companies that build real products. Why should it matter what format a CAD file was created in? Kubotek believes that all CAD is created equal. We give our customers the tools they need to understand and work quickly with 3D models received from their customers and vendors. Kubotek products are based on the idea that the job must get done quickly and simply using the most intelligent technology possible.

Award-winning computer aided design and manufacturing solution for CAD/CAM professionals. Our flagship product uses a real geometry approach to deliver the fastest conceptual design results and most effective manufacturing and tooling design possible. Combining the power of solid modeling, surfacing, drafting and layout capabilities with breakthrough data exchange and model editing technologies, the product offers high-end capabilities without the big price-tag. Even more value is available by providing one seamless 3D solid/surface and 2D environment to improve productivity.

Validation Tool tests the geometric congruency of two CAD files utilizing Kubotek Face Logic technology. This product is the most comprehensive geometry comparison tool available anywhere and produces encrypted reports documenting that CAD files were checked against the authority model.

Simplest 2D/3D NC toolpath utility works inside KeyCreator. With its high speed toolpath generation, interactive toolpath design is possible. Toolpath can also be regenerated to the changes of target model shapes. The operation is seamless from the re-modeling works for machining to the final post processing with this utility totally integrated inside the most interactive 2D/3D modeler, KeyCreator.

Powerful CAD viewer designed for easy collaboration between design, manufacturing, sales, support and service professionals. Quickly review 3D models and drawings without the need to access full-featured CAD systems. Effective for sharing design data, developing accurate quotes, specifying material purchases and much more. Simply download to get started.

It is well-known across the CAD/CAM industry that CADKEY was the most popular 3D wireframe PC CAD solution ever developed. Solving many design and manufacturing problems for small to mid-sized companies, CADKEY offered a cost effective 2D/3D solution with power and simplicity. Kubotek maintains the CADKEY community and provides users with a migration path to a 3D solids product with a modern environment. That CADKEY no-nonsense, workhorse philosophy has been retained and extended inside KeyCreator.