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FEA Model Preparation

Kubotek's technology inside KeyCreator excels in importing, fixing and preparing virtually any CAD file for analysis. Real geometry supplies the foundation for our technology. Kubotek has developed a broad set of tools to extract intelligence from what many consider dumb or non-native models. What makes this technology different is its on-demand nature of finding features and extracting the data needed regardless of CAD system, file format or design intent. This makes KeyCreator an excellent "companion" for any FEA package.

Below are 6 brief explanations of areas where Kubotek tools excel at preparing models for FEA. Select images to view video demos.

Imprinting Curves for Boundary Conditions – It is very common for the FE analyst to have a need to apply loads to specific areas on a model. The only way to effectively accomplish this is to create surface boundaries that can be used to create load boundary conditions. The KeyCreator imprint curve and scribe features get this done very effectively.

Defeaturing – The process by which a model is simplified for analysis. This usually means removing holes and small fillets from the model that would hinder the meshing process. Prune and remove feature along with feature discovery and pattern recognition are excellent tools for accomplishing this task.

Extracting Fluid Volumes – in order to analyze the behavior of a fluid using FEA, a fluid volume must be extracted from various shaped ducting, pipes, filter systems etc… Boolean functions, prune and feature discovery provide the exact functionality needed to perform this time consuming task.

Modeling the Midplane of a Thin Part – For thin parts the most accurate analysis is a plate analysis that is done on a single sheet using plate elements as opposed to a volume. Extracting the single sheet midplane is a time consuming task that KeyCreator can accomplish quickly and easily. Feature discovery and offset surface creation are the toolset for this task.

Geometry Repair – Model repair is critical to removing sliver and or malformed surfaces from a model that is to be meshed.  All of the topology modification tools as well as cover surface are essential to streamlining this process.  Unstitching, recreation and stitching of surfaces are important tools for this task.

Interference Detection – Static interference checking is a simple but effective tool that can be used to detect problems that could hinder the meshing process.  There can be no interference prior to meshing a model for FEA.