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Specific drafting tasks such as standard 4-view drawings, borders, charts and tables, and specific types of parts such as plates, involve repetition or predictable rule-based decisions. Kubotek drafting automation tools allow users to do an up-front configuration of how they want the results. The technology takes it from there to automatically generate the solution.

Multi-View Drawings
Kubotek technology automates the process of scaling and spacing views into borders during creation of common configuration drawings. This process allows use of user-defined border templates and storage of job specific configurations.

An automatically generated 4-view drawing

Machined Holes
Dimensioning standard machined holes such as counter-bored or tapped holes utilize multi-line labels with standard symbols or abbreviations formatted according to shop preferences. Kubotek feature discovery technology is used to automatically see the type and size parameters of each hole, eliminating mistakes. Kubotek also saves drafting time in this task by allowing label format preferences to be configured and stored in advance.

Hole dimensions created with feature discovery technology

Tabular Dimensioning
Kubotek provides a dimensioning tool that instantly generates tables of coordinate locations and sizes of selected holes saving potentially hours of work. Extensive formatting control of the table is provided to help reduce adjustments.



The hole charts and labels shown on the 31 circles above were generated in seconds

Automatic Dimensioning
To speed the detailing process, Kubotek technology includes the ability to automatically create linear, baseline, ordinate, radius, and diameter dimensions on all selected geometry. Users can then remove unimportant dimensions, if any, and reposition the text as needed. Setup allows different types of dimensions to be done separate from each other as a multi-stage process in order to keep the powerful automatic dimensioning process under control.

The hole charts and labels shown on the 31 circles above were generated in seconds

Bill of Material (BOM)
Kubotek BOM technology provides automated generation of part number and quantity charts and number labels (balloon notes). Extensive user configuration allows for formatting of what data columns are included in the chart and how the information is linked to the geometry. BOM information can even be pulled from an external company MRP/ERP database via ODBC drivers. In an effort to cover the different ways users structure assemblies, the Kubotek BOM supports three different styles of defining part structure: parts, levels, and composites. Export of BOM data in a user controlled format is also provided.

Mechanical Libraries
A large amount of drafting productivity can be gained by leveraging standards for mechanical features and components. Kubotek technology provides an extensive library of 2D and 3D mechanical features and elements that promote standardization. The breadth of feature holes, such as drilled, tapped, counterbored, and countersunk holes with corresponding fasteners in all shapes and sizes, enable quick and efficient design of tooling and machines. Mechanical elements such as gears, bearings, chains, springs, and beams complete the package. Kubotek customers can also easily leverage the millions of component manufacturer supplied free part models and drawings on the Internet to insert into their product tooling or machine designs.