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Kubotek provides the capabilities to quickly create and fully control all the views, annotations, symbols and dimensions used in mechanical drafting. This allows users to create new associative drawings or simple 2D drawings, and also maintain non-associative legacy drawings and drawings from other CAD/CAM products.

Kubotek drafting technology includes creating and editing all significant dimension styles and provides full control of all display options so that dimensions look exactly like they should. Users can easily define dimension setting and layer styles to quickly match drawing requirements. All dimensions are placed and updated dynamically and complex symbols such as welds provide WYSIWYG previews to save even more time in the detailing process. For maximum flexibility in handling special situations, dimensions can be broken down into component entities like arrowheads and lines and pieces can be manually added.

A drawing view with overall dimensions

Dozens of special symbols (degree, diameter, plus/minus, etc.) used on drawings are available for insertion into notes from an easily accessed menu. Notes can be imported from, linked to, or exported to a simple text file for correlation with other software systems. Notes can also be linked with customizable file/part properties fields which are searchable from Windows Explorer to aid in finding the drawing files based on the title block or other criteria.

The time-saving automated view generation provided by Kubotek technology is among the top advantages of designing in 3D with solids. Drawing views can either be generated from solids or existing geometry and automated in numerous ways. These views can be created using traditional 2D CAD drawing techniques or a mix of both. When creating additional views is this easy, clearer drawings with more detail are produced.

Blocks or Patterns
There is no need to redraw the standard portions of a drawing such as borders or schematic symbols when using CAD technology. Kubotek provides a rich set of libraries and options for inserting and managing this type of "canned" drawing component. Intelligent reuse of data maximizes your efficiency.