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Kubotek has created a comprehensive set of deform functionality for curves, surfaces, and solids.  Designers can improve upon ideas faster than ever before by dynamically changing shapes quickly, modifying shapes, and iterating more often.
Most solid editing can be achieved through moving or resizing select faces in controlled x, y and z directions or replacing faces.  Kubotek advanced deform technology handles conditions where shape must be changed dramatically or globally.  The tools allow users to easily change the shape of solids in a controlled way to meet specific needs of common applications.

Dynamic Curve
Kubotek deform technology enables a designer to interactively modify a curve’s shape via control points or user definable constraint points quickly and intuitively. Designers can easily modify complex high-degree freeform curves while concentrating on the shape of the curve, not the math of the curve.

Curve deformation

Dynamic Face
Some products make it difficult to get the desired shape because designers are forced to work the way the software works.  The Kubotek deform technology gives users direct control and allows shapes to be seen in real time. Designers can interactively modify multiple faces of a model without losing the topology between the faces.  Our Real Geometry Editing capabilities allow designers to concentrate on the design, without worrying about the continuity between the faces of the model.

Deforming faces of a solid

Our reshape technology couples control and freedom to explore ideas.  Surfaces and solids can be changed and reshaped easily by moving boundaries.  The model topology is maintained automatically. Designers can chose an existing shape and a target shape for modification. A new version of an existing model can quickly be created without having to rebuild the model. It is easy to experiment with different design ideas by making multiple variations from one model.

ReShape to change the shape of an existing model to follow a new shape


Kubotek bending and twisting technology supports the generation of models by approximating the bending and twisting manufacturing processes.  This capability saves a significant amount of modeling time for shapes with complex geometry in the deformed region this capability.

Kubotek technology fully supports extending selected portions of solid, surface and wireframe models of geometry a set distance in a single direction.  These techniques are helpful in quickly adjusting models to match mating parts or widening an entire machine in one step.  These techniques are simple and straight-forward.  No relationships must be built with each part in an assembly.

Applications such as injection molding that require adjustments for shrinkage need a complete set of model scaling and offseting technology.  Kubotek technology supports scaling of any type of geometry, including STL models, along a single direction or in specified amounts along each separate x, y and z coordinate axes.  In addition, all the faces of a solid can be offset in one step.  Individual faces/surfaces or sets of faces/surfaces offset separately allowing the designer incredible control over the model.