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Personal Data Management
Personal Edition

KEYPDM Personal Edition is an addon for KEYCREATOR based on a database allowing users to easily find information and better manage the use of the CAD system. 

User Management

Define the permission of each CAD user, avoid use of the CAD system from not authorized people, define who is able to perform specific tasks like printing or importing or exporting data. Create users who can only view data without the possibility to save changes, and much more. 

Part Locking

When multiple people works on the same data you cannot risk that data are lost because someone saved overwriting changes done by a colleague

KEYPDM Part Locking allows to lock the parts on which users are working allowing read only access to other CAD users and informing about who is actually working on it. 

Where Used

Check in which assemblies or subassemblieas a specific component is used. Avoid to apply a change to a part when the same is used in other assemblies 

Search File

Use properties to search matching files. Avoid to go through the whole repository trying to guess which is the file you need, just ask the system to do the search for you. 

Activity Log

Activities of users on parts can be logged to be able to understand how much time has been spent on a specific part. Find out when a change was applied. Manual log allows also to write in database notes related to a specific part to keep track of special instructions for a part. Easily grab out information for tracking or time consume or note related to a specific part. 

Assembly Consistency

Verify assemblies for consistency, advising about changes happened to components after the assembly was saved. 

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